Block Island Poetry Project is this weekend

Fri, 04/12/2013 - 3:11pm

April is National Poetry Month, and Block Island celebrates this form of art with its own unique event, The Block Island Poetry Project, which began yesterday (Thursday) and continues through the weekend.

There is no doubt that many see poetry as an outdated, even quaint, form of writing: we sometimes think of it either as Dr. Seuss rhymes or stanzas densely packed with obscure words and ancient references — in other words, it isn’t writing for the average person. We also don’t seem to have poets that command the national stage any more, as did Robert Frost or Allen Ginsburg, that help promote it.

But this is really an outdated notion. Poetry has broken free of the halls of academia and exploded into exciting events, such as poetry slams, where poems of all kinds are spoken or sung or improvised on the spot in front of huge crowds. These aren’t nerds or word geeks who attend these festivals — it’s amazingly fashionable and exciting and every type of person attends them.

At its best, poetry can articulate a thought you have had yourself, or it can describe a place or state of mind. Poetry can help organize your thoughts. It’ll put you through a wide range of emotions — none of which will be boredom.

Take a look at the events scheduled for this weekend at and see if there is something there for you. Evening events are public, and you can sign up for workshops by contacting Lisa at

The Block Island Poetry Project helps celebrate our local culture, and is a nationally recognized event that brings people to the island while we’re still in the off-season. (Poetry not only good for the soul, it’s good for business.)

We won’t try to end this editorial with a poem, even though we’re tempted. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend one of the Block Island Poetry Project events this weekend and try to write one yourself.