Letters to the Editor, November 16, 2013

Fri, 11/15/2013 - 4:38pm

The following letter was sent in response to our online subscriber’s fee.

To the Editor:

Forgetaboutit. Not going to happen with me. I rent every summer and winter and will not spend one dime at a place that advertises [in The Block Island Times]. I will bet my life on it the Spring House and any other class business will drop you like a wet kitchen towel. I can get USA Today for free and the advertisers get their money’s worth because of the number of readers that read it. Every click counts, in case you still have a dial-up phone in your Block Island office.

And guess what, when you change it back, people will not run back to your flaming left wing paper. I can read the Palm Beach Post for free and I’m going to pay to read about Martha Ball? Give me and the rest of the American public a break.

Gary Brown

Celebration, Florida.

P.S.: Bet you won’t print this. If you do, I will not get it.


The following letter was sent to United Healthcare and copied to The Block Island Times.

To the Editor:

I will become eligible for Medicare in January, and have been considering supplemental health plans available to me in Rhode Island. Your Medicare Advantage Plan seemed right for my needs.

Imagine my dismay when I learned of your decision to discontinue Block Island Health Services (BIHS) participation in the Medicare Advantage Network, effective Feb. 1, 2014.

On Nov. 5, you reversed that decision, and I quote: “Block Island Health Center physicians will remain in our Medicare Advantage network for 2014. We value our members on the island and throughout Rhode Island, and look forward to continue serving them next year.”

While I applaud your decision to continue serving our community, which depends very heavily indeed on our excellent Medical Center, I cannot help but wonder what will happen “next year,” after our Block Island physicians have “remained in [your] Medicare Advantage network for 2014.” Are we on a year-to-year basis of service with you? Are you going to discontinue our physicians again, a year from now? Should we on Block Island look elsewhere for our supplemental Medicare plans?

I have been a member of AARP for a couple of years, and had planned on continuing my membership. And, as I mentioned above, I was seriously considering enrolling in your Medicare Advantage Plan.

I am also a former director of BIHS, having served on Board of Directors for 11 years. For two of those years, I chaired the fundraising committee.

The events of this past month with regard to your coverage of Block Island residents through our Medical Center are cause for grave concern. I am left wondering if your coverage can be relied upon in the years ahead.

Fran Migliaccio

Sands Pond Road


To the Editor:

On Oct. 26, St. Ann’s hosted a beautiful evening of music for the benefit of Helping Hands at St. Andrew’s Parish Center. It was a great success and those who attended received a real treat hearing the sounds of Musica Dolce — sweet music, indeed.

We would like to thank Anna Lofaro and Rob Hayden who organized and made the evening happen, as well as all the bakers and helpers who rallied to the cause. Thank you to Father Joe.

Thank you all for sharing the good will and love with everyone.

Elisa Hundt, Mimi Leveille, Theresa Sisto and Joanne Warfel


To the Editor:

Unfortunately, the Nov. 1 Blood Drive was cancelled because the boats were cancelled for the day.

The next Drive is scheduled for Jan. 3 and will be dedicated to Tim Connor, a local fifth grader who has leukemia.

Peter Greenman

Coordinator, Rhode Island Blood Center


To the Editor:

The Oct. 26 issue of The Block Island Times contained the paper’s editorial regarding a cable-only alternative to Deepwater Wind windfarm just 2.5 nautical miles from the Southeast Lighthouse. Deepwater’s CEO Grybowski himself labelled it, in his June 24, 2012 WPRI interview, as an “Enormous Industrial Project” with wind turbines reaching over 600 feet high.

You ask three important questions in your October editorial if a cable-only alternative is used to cause Deepwater to abandon its plans off Block Island. Further, you suggest that any continuing opposition to Deepwater be “done with foresight and strategy.” Most of us opposing Deepwater are advocates for alternatives and are contributing meaningful data and analysis to the Town Council and Electric Utilities Task Group so that those empowered decision-makers have multiple sources to rely upon in this important discussion. That same standard should be applied to this paper’s editorials.

You ask what energy sources on the mainland will be made available for the island if a cable-only project is pursued. And, you suggest that a yet-to-be permitted and built Maine windfarm would be the only available green source for alternative energy electrons to be sent to Block Island via a cable-only project. You further indicate that “you have not heard of many other options” for green energy to Rhode Islanders.

That’s hard to believe when the Block Island Times itself has published two letters (June 4, 2010 and Dec. 21, 2012) explaining to your readership that National Grid has one of the top 10 green power programs in the Nation where residential, commercial and industrial power consumers can elect into Grid’s GreenUp Option where consumers can purchase local hydro, biomass, wind and solar sources of supply to National Grid. Details for this program can be found athttps://www.nationalgridus.com/ narragansett/non_html/ greenup_options.pdf.

Additionally, a simple due diligence visit to the Docket for the R.I. Public Utilities Commission (PUC) would reveal that, under Docket 4371, the PUC itself governs over 26 power purchase agreements for Rhode Island-based renewable energy projects under the State’s Long-Term Renewal Energy Contracting Statute. The majority of these projects will be sources of renewable energy distributed by National Grid through its GreenUp option and made available to Block Island if a cable-only Project is pursued.

If Block Island had a cable-only project installed, every business, residence and island power user could opt into National Grid’s GreenUp program or be required to do so by Town mandate. After doing so, our energy costs on Block Island would drop by approximately 38 percent.

And there would be no “enormous industrial project” off the shores of Southeast Light.

Mike Beauregard

Mohegan Trail