Featured House: Stonehedge

Thu, 05/14/2015 - 11:00am

It is a sparkling spring day, the air smells sweet, and the sun is in full bloom after being hidden for days by a dense Block Island fog. Standing on the expansive porch of Stonehedge, the house that David and Dottie Graham built in 1986, Montauk Point can be seen just off in the distance, sitting under the glistening sun.

“We named it Stonehedge because there are stone walls everywhere on Block Island,” said Graham. Graham first came to Block Island in the 1950s while he was in military school. “I was 14 or 15 and a friend of my family's used to vacation here for the whole summer,” he said. After a few summers here, Graham “went off to college and didn’t come back until the late 70s, when friends were building here. Then we came fairly frequently to visit.”

They finally bought the property at Sheffield Farm in 1984 and the house was finished about two years later. During those early years, the Graham’s rented for July and came out in August.

And then, after 43 years at CBS, Graham retired in 2001. “I turned 65 on a Thursday and left my job on a Friday, drove here on a Saturday and started at Ballard-Hall on Monday,” he said.

When asked about his home, which offers superb views in every direction, Graham said that it “is exceptionally constructed and it’s been beautifully maintained. Decks have been added, windows replaced, shingles replaced.” He added that the home is a very “pleasant and quiet place to be.” There is a lovely garden and a beautifully landscaped lawn.

While standing on the porch the only sound was a gentle breeze. “You really don’t hear anything up here,” Graham said.

The property is located off Payne Road on a 15-acre common lot, of which the Grahams own 1/9. The home has 2,248 square feet, four bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a kitchen, family room and a master bedroom with bath. There is a small room that Graham called the “morning porch” that is bathed in sunlight in the early part of the day. “It’s also covered so you can sit out here when it rains,” he said.

It's a year-round home, suitable for a young family or a place to begin one's retirement.

Graham wanted to take a visitor out onto one of the porches, but stopped suddenly before he opened the door. He didn’t want to disturb someone.

“There’s a robin sitting on three eggs in the soapdish,” he said.

Stonehedge is listed at $1,695,000. For more information, please call Ballard Hall Real Estate at 466-8883 or visit blockislandproperty.com.