Turbine two undergoing repairs

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 9:45am

Repairs are underway on the damaged generator of turbine number two of the Block Island Wind Farm. The lift-boat Lacie Eymard parked itself at turbine number two on Jan. 17 in order to begin the repair process, which Deepwater Wind spokesperson Meaghan Wims said should take "several weeks."

"The lift-boat assisting with the repair of turbine number two is now on-site with necessary crew and equipment, and the repair is expected to begin this week," Wims told The Block Island Times on Tuesday. 

In her daily briefing email, Fisheries Liaison Elizabeth Marchetti said the lift-boat "is jacked up alongside turbine two in order to complete magnet repair work in the nacelle. There will be frequent crew changes occurring with the Atlantic Pioneer." The Atlantic Pioneer is the project's crew transfer vessel, repsonsible for transporting crew to and from the wind farm.

On Dec. 12, Deepwater Wind sent out an email stating that "human error" during manufacturing led to a drill bit being left inside the generator of turbine number two, which caused the damage.

The turbine has been offline ever since, but the wind farm has been utilizing its four other turbines to generate power for  the mainland electrical grid.