Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

Fri, 06/30/2017 - 6:45am

All of a sudden we seem to be sign-happy on Block Island. There are new signs along Corn Neck Road urging people not to park on the beach side near the dunes. There are “stay off the dunes” signs that have been placed on the dunes. And now there are some big map signs that, while perhaps being helpful to some, have a few quirky images, such as a land-based Wind Farm and a New London ferry that apparently is capable of carrying cars. One of these new signs has been placed right in front of Fresh Pond. It doesn’t help the view.

All of these signs may, individually, do some good. For instance, the fragile dunes along Corn Neck Road have never looked healthier since Hurricane Sandy. But we would caution that all of these well-meaning groups, acting separately, may now be also cluttering up our landscape. Let’s be wary of this as we move forward.