Block Island is a work of art

Fri, 07/07/2017 - 7:15am

Block Island is always referred to as a tourist destination, which is defined almost exclusively as a place to eat, drink, lounge on the beach, ride a bike or moped, or visit historic landmarks. What is too often excluded in this mix is art — Block Island is, and always has been — a haven for artists.

Art comes in many forms — it can be a painting, a bracelet, or a jar of honey — and they are all on display in our shops, galleries, the farmers market, and the Arts and Crafts Guild fairs, during the summer. We encourage anyone, while visiting our beautiful community, to also take a moment to visit one of the many galleries on Block Island and to celebrate our Block Island artisans.

There is a handy Block Island Art Trail Map available in almost all our shops and stores that can guide you. Look for the brochure with this logo.

Our vistas have inspired writers, poets, painters and photographers for centuries, and we would be much poorer, in every sense of the word, without them. Artists are an integral part of what makes Block Island so great.