Smart food

Fri, 07/28/2017 - 5:45am

Jamie Johnston, an island resident who runs a trash pickup business, called the paper and said something was gnawing at him, and that was the amount of edible food being left behind at the homes where he collects trash and recyclables (He sent us this photo of leftover food items.). This is food either brought to or bought on the island. Some of this good food is taken by the people who clean houses, but if it is still there when Johnston gets to the home, that means there is a lot being left behind. Johnston asked if there was anything that could be done with this food.

We asked, and the answer is that, if you are an island visitor, and have good unopened and unexpired food on your hands, it can be dropped off at the Harbor Church. Pastor Steve Hollaway is happy to take it to help feed the student workers at their weekly gatherings. You can drop the food off at back of the Church on the round table in the kitchen on your way to the ferry dock.

It’s a shame to have this food go to waste. This will be a big help to many people, and we thank you for it.