Along Corn Neck Road

Fri, 08/04/2017 - 6:30am

Not everybody liked the walkovers that were constructed over the dunes on Corn Neck Road, but their presence, along with a series of other efforts, has gone a long way toward restoring and repairing these necessary buffers.

It’s a relief to see the beach grass growing where piles of bicycles used to be, and to watch people using the walkovers to get to the beach. Gone are the bicycle tire tracks, footprints, and even the occasional tire track from a car. The signage and the visual cues all shout out: these dunes are off limits.

It’s a community effort that worked. From the initial build-up of sand from the beach, the design and installation of the walkovers by the members of the Committee for the Great Salt Pond and the Highways Department, to the efforts of the Block Island Residents Association and local school students, in planting the beach grass and putting up the signage, we have dunes that are getting healthier all the time.

None of this would have occurred if people, particularly our guests in summer, had not taken notice of these efforts. Slowly, the habits that had contributed to the breakdown of the dunes have given way to respect and gentleness toward these structures.

The work is not over yet; perhaps it will never be truly completed, but these efforts have made Block Island prettier, nicer, and better.