Cast your vote

Thu, 08/24/2017 - 7:15pm

It would be hard to make the argument that the transition the Block Island Power Company is making from a privately-owned entity to a ratepayer-run utility district has been smooth. The vote to purchase two-thirds of the stock for $1.8 million was contentious, and very, very close, and the journey the enabling legislation made in the General Assembly took a year longer than most people would have liked. The election process to vote in five members to what will be the newly-created Board of Utility Commissions has been bumpy and confusing.

The Town Clerk’s office, recognizing the latter, has issued some clarifying information about how to cast a vote for up to five of the eight candidates running for those Board seats. That Q&A, which is published on page one of this week’s edition, can be boiled down to something quite simple and effective: If you have a question about the ballot, call or drop by Town Hall. Otherwise, please read the information provided and then send your ballot in.

If the vote to purchase the BIPCo stock is any indication, and it should be, it shows us that we know every vote counts. When it was discovered that the decision to approve purchasing the stock was made by a two-vote margin last September, there was some post-vote hand-wringing by a few who neglected to cast a ballot.

Time may be short — balloting closes on Monday, Aug. 28 at 3 p.m. — but there is no reason not to cast a ballot if you feel this election is important.