Housing needs require coordinated look

Thu, 09/07/2017 - 8:00pm

With the discussion of available affordable housing bubbling up in what seems like several different quarters around the Island, it may be time for the Housing Board, as the group that has spearheaded actual progress in this area, to consider holding a series of public forums specifically dedicated to the subject so that as much input on what should be done — and what can be done — can be obtained from all interested parties.

We don’t want this to be interpreted as an admonishment of the Housing Board. But since they have been working in front of and behind the scenes on this subject, we feel they should be the group to take this on. The Town Council has the topic on its agenda for Wednesday, Sept. 18, but these efforts should be coordinated. The conversations also need to be connected with the Planning Board’s discussion of what can be done with the Coast Guard Station, and what the Sewer and Water Companies need for their employees.

That’s why we suggest that the town considers holding a series of public forums about this specific topic. These forums can will take an in-depth look at the challenge and start mapping out any solutions that are out there based on what island residents feel they need.