A washed up cup mystery

Fri, 11/03/2017 - 9:45am

Perranporth Beach, in Cornwall, England, is almost three miles long and is on the north coast of the county, facing the Atlantic Ocean. Cornwall is the peninsula on the southwest of England, surrounded by sea on three sides. It has about 3,000 residents, but quadruples during school holidays and in July and August. Cornwall is also about 3,100 miles from Block Island.

These bits of information come to us from Cornwall resident Chris Easton, who is a volunteer at the Perranzabuloe Museum, which showcases the history of Perranzabuloe Parish. Easton often walks Perranporth Beach where, he told the Block Island Historical Society by email, “I enjoy beachcombing and am particularly interested in long-distance flotsam that arrives carried on the North Atlantic Drift. Last Thursday, 5th October, I picked up the cup in this photo. I thought that you might find it interesting.” (The email was forwarded to The Times.)

The Block Island Times wrote Mr. Easton back, saying that we suspected it might be cup that was made for a private party of some kind, such as a family or school reunion, one that may occur, or did occur, every year, but we didn’t really know.    We also said we’d be happy to publish the picture to see if we receive any word back from a reader or readers who might know something about it.

The cup is not the only thing Easton finds of interest on the beach. 

“I am particularly interested in lobster trap tags that I find, as these show the state they have come from and the date they were in use.”

“Most of the tags that I find are from Newfoundland. I was interested to note that when I looked through my tags, I had only three from Rhode Island — photos of two are attached. I have been collecting them for the last four years, so the ones in the photo (red ones) have been at sea a long time, labelled 03 and 07 (2003 and 2007).”

More information on the Perranzabuloe Museum can be found here: perranzabuloemuseum.co.uk. 

Any information on the cup can be sent to ltrodson@blockislandtimes.com.