Kindness shown to injured owl

Thu, 12/21/2017 - 9:30pm

The following report came in from Kim Gaffett:

Kate Sprague Campanale and Heather Dippolito discovered an injured owl on Corn Neck Road early on Monday, Dec. 18. They called the Police Department dispatch, which called me. 

Kate and Heather protected the downed owl until I got there. It had a very badly broken wing, but otherwise was very active and in good physical condition — probably hit the utility wire above where it was found. I kept it overnight (warmed and protected). First thing Tuesday morning, I worked with Scott Comings, who arranged for the bird to be flown to Westerly Airport (thank you, New England Airlines), where it was picked up by The Nature Conservancy employee, Kevin Ruddock, who delivered it to Wildlife Rehabilitation of R.I. Unfortunately, the wing was badly broken, and the bird was euthanized. 

But, so happy Kate and Heather — who are the heroes here — cared enough to rescue it so that it could either be rehabilitated or have its suffering humanely ended. I’m sure we’d all hate to think of that beautiful critter freezing and starving in the brush somewhere until death came some days, or a week, later.