Guidelines for Beach Pavilion renters

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 8:15am

As Memorial Day draws nearer, and as renovations to the Beach Pavilion continue to move forward, that also means that the dormitory-style rooms located in the building will soon be occupied by seasonal employees.

Recreation Department Director Dave Sniffen knows that this is an experiment — there have never been overnight residents at the Pavilion since it was constructed in the 1980s — so it is a first, and the situation will be closely monitored. That is why he is drafting a guidebook for seasonal employees, similar to the one that is given to those employees who live in the Coast Guard Station during the summer. Sniffen said that he has received a copy of the guidebook from Building Official Marc Tillson, who lives year-round at the Coast Guard Station, which is owned and managed by the town.

“I feel that they should be pretty stringent rules,” said Sniffen to his board at the meeting on Tuesday, April 10. “I want people to say this was a good idea.”

Three of the six lifeguards needed for the Town Beach will live at the Beach Pavilion during the summer, and the other three will live at the Coast Guard Station. Facilities Manager Sam Bird said (despite recent weather challenges) he expects the renovations to be largely completed by Memorial Day Weekend, which begins May 25.

Sniffen also reported that as the Recreation Department offers more activities for both youths and adults, he needed to be more vigilant in ensuring that participants need to be age-appropriate. There have been some instances in which children younger than the recommended age of the activity have been dropped off, and while Sniffen said he wants as many young people to participate as possible, he also needed everyone to be aware that there are safety issues.

He asked that parents check with the Recreation Department beforehand about age brackets, and members also said the age parameters should be included on materials announcing the programs.

Both Sniffen and Assistant Recreation Director Cindy Lemon encouraged town employees to sign up for the 2018 Walking Challenge. The six-week program is designed to get employees to track their daily walking steps through their personal tracker (Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc.) or on a smart phone. The contest has begun and runs through May 20. Visit and click on the link for “Participate” and then click on “Events,” which leads to the Walking Challenge page.