Thu, 02/28/2019 - 9:30pm

Seize the reins

To the Editor:

“The last day of deer hunting is Friday (Feb. 22),” noted the New Shoreham Town clerk.


It has long been established that the island herd remains many times over Department of Environmental Management’s acceptable number of animals per acre, and deer are acknowledged to be the prime host of the deer tick that carries the Lyme infection, among other serious scourges. It’s long past time for the island’s administration, as well as its citizenry, to seize the reins from the hands of state regulators by whatever means we can.

Join the fight!

P. S. Wood

Old Mill Road


Reclassify controlled substances

To the Editor:

The Substance Use Policy, Education, and Recovery PAC is pleased to stand with Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Neronha in support of the reclassification of simple possession of controlled substances.

Mass incarceration stemming from the ‘War on Drugs’ has destroyed lives and communities, and felony convictions create significant barriers to individuals in recovery long after their sentence is complete.

Reclassification has already shown strong positive outcomes in other states. By taking this step, Rhode Island will show its commitment to supporting evidence-based treatment interventions instead of more of the same failed approaches. The substance use and overdose crisis has hit our state particularly hard, and we are fortunate to have leaders such as Attorney General Neronha who prioritize effective solutions.

We look forward to a continued partnership with this office, bringing community stakeholders and experts across disciplines together for the common goal of saving Rhode Island lives.


Annajane Yolken

Haley McKee

Lisa Peterson



No tolerance for gun violence

To the Editor:

I was disappointed to read in The Block Island Times that First Warden Ken Lacoste does not support Gov. Raimondo’s gun safety initiative, which, along with other measures, would ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. I had thought that only die-hard members of the National Rifle Association asserted that they had the right to possess military-grade weapons, while many NRA members and the general public see the necessity to keep such weapons from being used in another tragic situation.

It is my hope that other members of the Town Council will speak up in support of the proposed legislation and put Block Island on the record as a community that will not tolerate gun violence.

Martha Wilson

Cooneymus Road