Thu, 04/18/2019 - 9:15pm

Info, please

To the Editor:

Hello, I am a fourth grade student in North Carolina. In fourth grade, we do state reports and I have chosen Rhode Island. I am very excited to learn more about your state as I work on my research.

Most of the information I get will be from books and websites. However, the best information comes from the people who live in and love their state. That is why I am writing to you. I was hoping that you would be willing to send me some small items to help me learn more about the best things in your state. It could be things like postcards, maps, pictures, general information, or any items you may think are useful.

You can mail items to the address below by April 30 for our State Fair on May 17.

I really appreciate your help and will do my very best to send a thank you note to each and every person who takes the time and makes the effort to help me with this project.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Will Petts

Mrs. Smith’s Class

Charlotte Latin School

9502 Providence Road

Charlotte, NC 28277


Third time’s a charm?

To the Editor:

Four taxi owners attended and testified at a meeting of the House Committee at the State House in Providence on Thursday, April 11: Sue Millikin, Fred Leeder, Judy Clark, and myself. They are requesting approval of Bill H-5450 sponsored by House Minority Leader Blake Filippi that would provide an exemption from state law RIGL §39-14.2 that currently allows Transportation Network Services such as Uber and Lyft to operate on Block Island without being under the control of the Town Council, thereby not having to adhere to the same regulations as buses, limousines, and taxis.

Some of the reasons presented in testimony to support Bill H-5450 are as follows:

Prevent vehicles for hire from operating freely outside of Town Council regulations.

Provide protection for the solvency of the taxi industry from deregulation.

Constrain increased vehicle congestion and safety concerns from such.

Continue to support local autonomy regarding the operation of vehicles for hire under the town regulations and not the RIDPUC, which were adopted in 1929 by the state legislature.

To recognize that TNC services are not to be considered solely as an e-commerce company, but as a transportation service, which transports customers.

To bring awareness that the solvency of the taxi industry impacts financially 32 owners, who along with drivers, might affect as many as 128 people not including about 30 additional people who are on the taxi license waiting list.

Many thanks to those owners who couldn’t attend, but have submitted their testimony in written form. The Speaker of the House Nicholas Mattiello and our representative House Minority Leader Blake Filippi were unable to attend due to their attendance at a work session.

It was good to see that some of the members of the House Committee asked a few good questions. It was also good to see that each of the owners who spoke had something different to say as to why Bill H-5450 should be supported.

I wish we could have had one or two Town Council representatives present to show support, although the short notice of this meeting may have prevented some from attending.

Currently, we are waiting to hear from the Senate Committee on Corporations as to when testimony will be provided once again for Bill S-397.

James Rondinone

Beacon Hill