Mother’s Day 2019

What is a Mother?

Thu, 05/09/2019 - 8:45pm

Mother’s Day 2019

What is a Mother?

By Mrs. Hart’s kindergarten class

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 12.


McKenna Mary Millikin

When there is a special party to go to, me and Mom and Mia make a special appetizer. We take freshly grown peppers from Mimi’s garden and wash them. Then we stuff the peppers with Cheerios. Sometimes I like to stomp them on the floor or bash them on the table. People really love them! My mom has brown hair and she’s very pretty. I think she’s kind of in her 20s…like maybe 26 or something? She makes sure I’m clean. She is a terrific cook…I mean really, really good. She cooks grilled cheese. She likes to snuggle with me and read me stories. I think she’s a great mother!


Emma Robinson Land

She has one big ponytail on the back of her head and it’s in a bun. She wears it like that all the time except for the nighttime. She gives me healthy food like chicken fingers and broccoli. It’s the chicken fingers that are her best dish! We like to play games like “Go Fish.” And that’s it!


Korbin Nelson

She like to cook salad with salad dressing for me. I like to play in the playroom. She looks like she has long hair. She likes rainbows and flowers. She feels nice about me, but her foot hurts. So now it’s up to me and Noah and Dad to help her.


Nash Henshaw

She loves me by giving me kisses. I think she loves me by snuggling with me. I like to play dinosaurs with her. Her spaghetti is good. So good. She takes care of me by giving good surprises for my birthday. She has kind of brownish, goldish hair. She wears pretty clothes and has lots of jewelry.


Keegan Closter

She feeds us. In the morning, I like her pancakes. She feeds us healthy food because she doesn’t want her son or her girl to get sick. She has brown hair…it’s long. She smiles when she’s happy. When people listen, it makes her happy! She plays basketball with me and she’s actually a pretty good player. She feels good about me because I’m a good son.


Jameson Transue

My mom is very nice. She takes care of us by feeding us every night and giving us breakfast. She makes great pasta. It’s the noodles that make it so good. She has long hair and I think she’s very pretty. I like how she smells. I like to go to New York City with her. She feels nice about me as a son and I think I’m very nice to her.


Jaxon Helterline

My mom has blonde hair and pretty eyes. She takes good care of us when we are sick. She likes to build Lincoln Logs with me. My mom makes good chili. I think that’s it!


Rian Ernst

She likes to snuggle with me. Sometimes we play with her and it’s fun to play with her. Outside we play tag and she is a good “tagger.” She gives me healthy food like fruit and vegetables on the side.   It’s good for your body to be healthy. She looks a little bit like my brother, but with long hair and as a girl. She is really nice because she is nice to everyone. She is kind and I think I’m growing up to be kind like her.


P.J. Williams

My mommy just had a baby girl on Friday night. Her name is Ellie and she can already talk. She makes me good, healthy food like mac and cheese. We like to play games like Chutes and Ladders. She’s pretty good at it, but I win a lot. I love her and I tell her that about once a week.


Cadence Stinnett

She likes to draw stuff and she is a good artist. She sort of likes cleaning. She has long black hair and she likes to do hairdos. She takes care of Daniel and me and helps me with stuff. She cooks good pizza.


Alexis Brown

She likes to read books to me at night. She gives me good, healthy food like carrots. My favorite thing that she cooks is pasta. She has blond hair and she usually wears a lot of black. She even has black flip-flops. She feels good about me because I clean the house sometimes. She feels good about me because I am nice, smart, and funny!


Skyler Bates

My mom has brown hair. It’s really long and curly. She has pretty blue eyes and her voice is kind of like mine. Her name is Danielle. She’s really nice and she is the best mom in the whole entire world. She is kind and takes really good care of us. She takes good care of my dad, too. Her favorite food is pizza. She like olives and mushrooms on it and sometimes spicy, spicy peppers. She makes really, really good oatmeal. For fun, she usually only cleans. I like to go the playground and the beach with her. She feels good about me because I’m a really good kid. I help her clean, take care of the of the animals, and take care of my brother, Dylan. I call him “Boom Boom.”