Take your $50

Thu, 08/01/2019 - 8:30pm

In the aftermath of the four-day cell phone outage that impacted Verizon customers on Block Island this past week, the carrier set up an 800 number that allowed people to sign up for a $50 rebate.

It seems to us that Verizon could have simply assigned that $50 rebate to every single customer that has an 02807 zip code attached to their account. Why should the customer have to call and ask for a rebate? Of course, there is always the possibility that not everyone will bother to call in for the rebate, but we encourage every customer affected to do so. (The number is 1-800-922-0204.)

The across-the-board $50 rebate also implies that every customer was impacted equally during this outage, which was not the case. A person not able to make a call to a friend is not affected as much as someone trying to process payments at their store or restaurant.

Impacted customers had already been subjected to rather casual answers to questions about the cause (fiber issues?) and as to when service would be restored (no one really knew). So it seems that Verizon, this giant, multi-billion dollar corporation could have done something human and said to their customers that had been inconvenienced enough that they would be happy to offer them a $50 rebate on the next monthly bill as a way of saying sorry.