Thu, 08/08/2019 - 10:00pm

A good time was had

To the Editor:

We are very pleased to announce that the 9th Annual Block Island Medical Center Fun Run co-sponsored this year with the National Alliance on Mental Illness- BI was successful despite the challenge of running in soft sand at high tide. The participants, who ranged in age from 6 to 83, enjoyed some great weather and toasted chocolate milk at the finish line. As with other island fundraising events, it was successful due to the contributions of many.

First, we would like to thank the many sponsors for the event: The Block Island Times, The Old Post Office Bagel Shop, The Beachead, Aldo’s, Ballard Oil Company, Block Island Sports Shop, Ernie’s Restaurant, Kimberly’s, Sullivan Real Estate, Bethany’s Airport Diner, New Park Brewing, Block Island Pizza Pie Company, Ballard’s Inn & Restaurant, Persephone’s Kitchen, The Wave, Phillips Real Estate, North Light Fibers, Dead Eye Dick’s, Ballard Hall Real Estate, Red Bird Package Store, Island Hardware & Supply, Diamond Blue Surf Shop, The Oar, Star Department Store, Yellow Kittens Tavern, The National Hotel, and Outloud Audio. We encourage everyone to support these business establishments.

These events do not run themselves- there were many volunteers who contributed to the event by registering the racers, distributing refreshments, manning the north end water table, taking pictures, and helping with the logistics. As always, we appreciate those volunteers who gave so freely of their time — thank you. A special thanks to a couple individuals: Dave Sniffen and Cindy Lemon, from the Recreation Department, who left behind some much-needed items from the previous day’s triathlon. And, a very big “thank you” goes out to Gene Hall who provided some monster transportation.

In what often times feels like a divided and out-of-control country, it’s nice that in the smallest state by land area in the United States and the smallest municipality by population in that state, we can work together to support our common causes.

Thanks to all of you.

Jim Hinthorn, President National Alliance on Mental Illness- Block Island

Cindy Baute, Chair, Block Island Health Services

What a show


You’re gonna need a bigger pond

To the Editor:

Thank you to all who ventured out to the Block Island Club for our second Annual Dive-in movie showing of “’Jaws’ on the Water.” It really was a fin-tastic night.

All your generous donations went to the Block Island Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department. A special thank you to the Block Island Club for letting us host in the perfect location and for making that fabulous sign marking the Club’s entrance. Jimmy Murray, Dive-in’s very own sound and tech guy, we appreciate you so much!   

This is becoming a true summer tradition. See you next August.


Kate McConville and Clair Stover


A great, big ‘thank you’

To the Editor:

On July 25, Block Island was visited by a fleet of more than 25 boats from the Bristol (R.I.) Yacht Club (BYO), a fleet of experienced cruisers and many families with young children. This was a return to Block Island for their annual cruise following an absence of many years. After much planning between their Cruise Director Marilyn Dimson-Doyle and Flag Officers of The Block Island Yacht Club, and some preliminary discussions with Steve Land of the B.I. Harbors Department, they choose to add Block Island to their multi-day summer cruise. They requested moorings for their vessels, and a venue for a group dinner near the harbor. For many of them, this was their first visit to our island.

The BYO fleet traveling from Three Mile Harbor on the South Shore of Long Island arrived in the early afternoon. Steve Land, our harbormaster and his team were amazing in handling this influx of boating traffic on a very busy afternoon. Steve, Gary Ryan, Jameson Padien and Nick Phillips provided a very friendly, informative, effective and timely solution to the BYO fleet mooring needs while at the same time addressing the similar requirements for non-BYO vessels arriving at the same time. I personally monitored the working channel for the Harbors Department during this period and as an experienced sailor and cruiser, was duly impressed. Well done Harbors.

I also want to express our sincerest thanks to Kimberly Ward, and her entire team at Kimberly’s who provided the catered meal at BIMI. It was a joyful evening of fun, interaction and discussion, supported by a great dinner experience for over 80 people.   Her staff made all the BYO visitors feel very welcome.  

Thank you to The Block Island Maritime Institute for providing such a great venue for this type of event that we feel is very important to Block Island. Many in the fleet were planning to spend the next day enjoying all that Block Island has to offer including paddle boarding, exploring the trails, a visit to the wind farm, a swim at the beach and more.

The BYO members shared many wonderful compliments for our harbormaster and his team, Kimberly and her staff, and their overall Block Island experience. Their comments were something that all Block Island residents should be proud of.

And finally, a big thank you to the Bristol Yacht Club for including Block Island on this year’s cruise. Both Steve and Kimberly were very pleased with how your team worked with them. We look forward to your return.


Jim Fiorato

The Block Island Yacht Club