Who’s reading what?

Thu, 08/15/2019 - 3:30pm

Ed. note: Young readers were asked what they are reading this summer by the staff of Island Bound Bookstore.

Michael Pagliocca

I loved reading the book “The Hunger Games.” I liked how it was all about survival. It was hard for me to put the book down! I would recommend this book to anyone who liked Rick Riordan’s books, or anyone who likes action and/or survival.

P.S. Another reason why I came to the Island Bound Bookstore was to get the next book!

Lincoln Bures, age 8

I really liked “The Larchmont Disaster off Block Island” because I like how it starts off with the disaster. I like how it interviews the people on how their experience was on board the Larchmont and how they made their escape. I also like how it tells you how each ship was made.

Charlie Rohan, age 10

I really loved “Harry Moon.” It was cool with the talking animals and the bonfire. When they said in the beginning, “Let’s charge it up,” it made me want to keep reading. When I found out that Harry dressed up as himself for Halloween, it made me say, “Would I do that?” This book is an eight out of 10. I would recommend it!

Macy True, age 11

This summer I read the book, “The Benefits of Being an Octopus” by Ann Braden. I found this book suspenseful. I never knew what was going to happen next. The main character is Zoey. Zoey becomes more self-confident as the book goes on. The meaning of this title is that Zoey gets herself into situations where she uses octopus characteristics to work it out. I would definitely recommend this book for kids my age.

Casey Tisk, age 9

Hi. My name is Casey and I read Ricky Ricotta’s “Mighty Robot #5 vs. The Jurassic Jack Rabbits from Jupiter.” I love the book. It is funny and cool. This book has robots, mice, jack rabbits, dinosaurs, and lots of action. Read this book!

Brett Tisk, age 7

My name is Brett. I read Magic Tree House #17, “Tonight on the Titanic.” I like this book because there is a dog under a spell in it. Also, I know all about the Titanic. This book has adventures and mystery.

Teagan Conlon, age 9

This summer I am reading “The VanderBeekers of 141st Street.” I think this book shows teamwork as the VanderBeekers try to convince their landlord to let them stay in their apartment forever. Their landlord won’t renew their lease, and they may have to move out of the neighborhood. The VanderBeeker kids are determined to convince their landlord to stay by giving him all sorts of nice things so he’ll want them to stay. I recommend this book to anyone who thinks it’s interesting.

Molly True, age 9

This summer I enjoyed reading “Dolphins at Daybreak” by Mary Pope Osborne,  number 9 of the Magic Tree House series. It was very magical. My favorite part was when Annie and Jack ride dolphins. I recommend this book to people my age.

Luke Henderson

“Tonight on the Titanic”  I think you should read this book because it is an adventure. It was dangerous but they could do it. My favorite character is Annie because she solves the mystery.