Who’s reading what?

Thu, 08/22/2019 - 2:30pm

Ed. Note: The staff at Island Bound Bookstore has been asking what their younger readers have been reading this past summer. The young readers in this group are all cousins.

Mickey Richards, age 9:

“On the Far Side of the Mountain”

I really enjoyed reading this book for lots of reasons. I liked the diagram of the mills, but my favourite part was when Sam (the main character) realized he was playing a game. I would recommend this book to everybody else.

Izzy Richards, age 10:

“Spy School”

This book is incredibly exciting and full of mystery. I love this book. There is a 12-year old boy who finds out that he will be traveling to spy school for an exciting but dangerous new adventure. But he must learn how to survive in humiliating and dangerous ways.

Elsa Miller, age 7:

“Ivy and Bean: Bound To Be Bad”

I like this book because it has good dialogue and the illustrations are good. It also has funny names like: Bean and Mrs. Trant.

Owen Miller, age 5:

“Pete the Cat”

Pete the Cat dives dives down into the water.

Samuel Miller, age 10:

“My Side of the Mountain” by Jean Craighead George

An excellent book on survival and a very good story as well. If you left home with no one and lived in the Catskills with almost nothing, what would you do to survive? Well, this book has all the answers.