It’s your power company now

Thu, 08/22/2019 - 8:30pm

It could be, even after all the public meetings and votes that took place, Block Island Power Company customers are having a hard time adjusting to the fact that they now have a direct say in how the company is run. But the fact is that ratepayer participation has been lacking since the new company was formed. Why interest is so low is anybody’s guess, but it is probably a symptom of the times in which we live: all public meetings are open to anyone, but hardly anyone ever shows up.

On Saturday, Aug. 24, the Block Island Utility District will have its annual meeting at 4 p.m. at Town Hall on Old Town Road. This is an opportunity to hear about the company’s finances, to hear the visions of the Board Chairman and President, and to have a discussion on what is known as “peak shaving” — the process of reducing the amount of energy purchased from the electric grid during peak demand.

There will also be an opportunity to meet the two candidates running for the Board of Directors: Mary Jane Balser, an incumbent, and Elliott Taubman, who is running for the seat held by Jack Savoie.

The meeting will also be an opportunity to ask questions and to make an impact on how the company is run and direction it is headed.

The power company is no longer a private entity. The ratepayers own it. This Saturday is an opportunity to have your say.