Grace Luddy at Spring Street Gallery

Thu, 08/29/2019 - 3:45pm

Grace Luddy’s show this year at The Spring Street Gallery is called “Being Home” and is a celebration of our place in the natural world. The show runs from Saturday, Aug. 31 through Friday, Sept. 13. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, Aug. 31 from 5 to 7 p.m.

This is what she tells us about it:

“For so many years, I’ve had the chance to wander around this island, taking my photographs. It’s been a wonderful thing, more than I initially realized, more than the images themselves. There is so much I’ve learned, not through philosophy or even through faith, but through direct observation.”

“I saw it first in animals, and especially in birds. I could see that they were made for the landscape, that they belonged in the landscape, that they fit in the landscape like a hand fits a glove. I saw that my birds didn’t wonder what to do or what to think or who to be. I saw that they were perfect. I realized that they didn’t need a way to try harder or to prove anything or to be more productive all the time. Especially watching swans in winter, I saw that waiting and resting and being together were as important to their survival as anything they could achieve.

“So then I settled down. After all the layers of convenience and comfort I could build around myself - with all the complications - after all the opinions and worries and decisions with which I could occupy my mind, I could still be like a swan. I could still be a uniquely human example of a creature on the earth. I could still walk barefoot. I could still see the moon, rising though mists on the ocean. I could still walk into its ancient water and feel its whispers on my skin.”

“My show declares our birthright and privilege to experience the natural world as our home. All the images in the show are of the ocean or landscapes here on Block Island or of birds. All have helped me in my understanding of myself, of all of us, as people who fit on the earth, who belong to the earth, and so I’m happy to share them with you.”