Thu, 09/19/2019 - 9:00pm

Advice on the ballot

To the Editor:

Several people asked me for advice on the Block Island Power Co. ballot question regarding the use of generators to peak shave and lower our costs overall.

My position on this was stated at the Board meeting and I would like to restate it here. I support the short-term use of BIPCo’s generators with the provision that the money saved be used to invest in designing, procuring and installing energy storage technology and control technologies that will eliminate the financial benefit for using the generators in this manner within three years. Human nature being what it is, without this provision, the generators will be operated for peak shaving for many, many years.

The belief that the money cannot be used for investment I think is wrong if it is presented to the Public Utilities Commission in a manner consistent with the goal of investing in alternative technology. Please write a note on the ballot to “use the savings for energy storage and control” if you agree.

Chris Warfel

High Street


Thanks to everyone who helped

To the Editor:

Rain, sleet, snow or hurricane could not keep 108 runners from competing in the 44th Annual 15K Run.

The Block Island Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the following people for a great event: Interstate Navigation (Janette and Megan) for getting The Snerro Timing Company onto the only boat that ran on Friday. Without Snerro, there would not have been a race.

We would like to thank the volunteers: John Desmarais, Dan Cahill, Art Loewenthal, Ed Hayde, Steve Draper, Rick and Renée Batchelder, Nelma, Ben, Mike and Rafael.

A very special thanks to Diane Hayde, Kathy Szabo, Molly O’Neill, Holly Herdman, and Lucinda Morrison, the race committee.

A very special thank you to all of our sponsors:

Sullivan/Sotheby’s, Champlin’s Marina and Resort, Block Island Guide, Block Island Ferry, Block Island Reservations, Action Airlines, North Light Fibers, Sheffield House, Block Island Realty, Block Island Tourism Council, Aldo’s Bakery, The Oar, Kimberly’s, Block Island Parasail, Block Island Express, Ice Cream Place, Diamond Blue, Washington Trust, Rebecca’s Seafood Takeout, Star Department Store, Block Island Oyster Bar, Island Fitness, and Poor People’s Pub.

Thank you.

The Block Island Chamber of Commerce