A play about addiction
Thu, 10/03/2019 - 9:15pm

Thank yous

To the Editor:

The Hands That Rock Board would like to thank the Block Island businesses that sponsored our event including Ballards Inn, The Block Island Times, The Monieson family,  Interstate Navigation, New Harbor Boat Basin, Yellow Kittens,  The National Hotel and the Red Bird liquor store.

I’d also like to thank the B.I. Musicians that donated their time and talent on August 20 for the benefit concert on the island: Cameron Greenlee, Benjamin Jenks, The UkuLadies (Jayme Hennessy, Lisa Sprague and Beth Rousseau), Loki Mac Brown, Jake Douglas and $100 Truck.

Additional support and special thanks go to George Dodge, Kristen Kiley, Kristine Monje, Lisa and Macy Robb, Becky Ballard, Carrie Todd, Steve Robison, Katie Nelson, Ruth Perfido, and Debbie Howarth for their support and encouragement. And kudos to Megan Hennessy who enthusiastically embraced this project that will expand music opportunities for her students.

Music transforms children’s lives. My appreciation to all those who support the cause.

Darcy Lynch, 

Executive Director, The Hands That Rock



To the Editor:

Sandy and I want to thank everyone who had a hand in saving our son’s life. There are simply no words that can describe how utterly grateful we are. We’re putting together a complete list of rescuers who were involved. As time goes on, Chris will be in touch with each of you.

Miracles played a big role here. First, Chris is alive and next he is expected to fully recover. It took three hours to move him from the site to the Medical Center. And thanks to your tender movements of him, no nerves have been damaged. He will not be paralyzed. He is beginning a long period of physical therapy at Rhode Island Hospital.

Sandy and I have lived out here for 25 years. You and we know the island is a huge extended family. We knew that before but it is much more obvious to us than ever before. So, thanks again all you rescuers, especially Block Island Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, the Block Island Police Department, and Block Island Medical Center.

Yours truly, 
Sandra and Peter Greenman

Center Road


An Appreciation

To the Editor (and New Shoreham Town Manager Ed Roberge):

Re: Marc Tillson, Building Official for the Town of New Shoreham

Dear Mr. Roberge:

I am writing this as an appreciation of the years of service of Marc Tillson, our Building Official.

In my 45 years of providing architectural services to clients from Florida to Massachusetts and Westward, I have worked with numerous building officials. Marc Tillson is the finest in my career.

Marc does what all officials ‘should’ do; he interprets the State Building Code. No two buildings are alike, and when dealing with existing structures that populate Block Island, one needs additional talent to juggle the code requirements versus existing conditions and respect the historic status and integrity of a structure.

On Block Island, we are often faced with a complex set of design and construction variables; I have found that an early ‘pre-design’ meeting with Marc where I can present the extant conditions, the code issues, and a conceptual solution that satisfies the codes, client’s goals, and design intent and aesthetic has been, in most cases, 100 percent successful. And if not, he has suggested common-sense alternates for me to consider as I finalize the design and drawings.

We are very fortunate to have Marc and his encyclopedic and institutional memory as our present building official; it will be very hard to find as qualified a replacement to this island resource.

Respectfully submitted,

W. Douglas Gilpin, Jr. FAIA


Corn Neck Road