Land Trust seeking participation in poll

Thu, 10/03/2019 - 6:45pm

Every five years the Block Island Land Trust conducts a comprehensive poll of Block Island’s residents regarding a variety of topics related to the island.

As Land Trust Chair Barbara MacMullan explains it, the poll is a combination of land or environmental questions, as well as topical questions presented by the Town of New Shoreham’s boards and commissions. “It’s important that we get a lot of participation with this poll,” she said. “We’re looking for feedback on the Land Trust mandates, which are open space, agriculture, recreation, conservation, water protection, and aquifer protection.”

“We’re a little late in conducting the poll,” said MacMullan, who noted that the previous Land Trust opinion poll was conducted in 2011. The results from that poll are available on the town’s website.

MacMullan said the Land Trust partners with the town’s boards and commissions and includes their questions in the poll to gauge public opinion or sentiment. “They provide questions to us, so that’s why you see questions about the wind farm, or a port authority, those kinds of things, because they are of interest to the broader public.”

“We conduct the poll through a professional group,” she said, noting “The Kitchens Group. They do a lot of work for conservation organizations. So they help us craft the poll so that we’re asking questions the right way. They’ve done the last three polls that we’ve done. So, we can work off the one we did last time. When we get the results back we share them with everybody.”   

MacMullan said that once the poll is completed and the results have been finalized, the Land Trust disseminates an executive summary of information to the town’s boards and commissions. The document will also be available on the town’s website.

The following statement concerning the poll was sent to The Block Island Times by the Block Island Land Trust:

Attention Block Island residents: Your participation is needed, and your opinions count! You can help guide future Land Trust acquisition priorities with a few minutes of your time.

The Block Island Land Trust is conducting a new public opinion survey of island residents. The survey will be conducted via landline phone, cell phone, and email. Respondents are anonymous, and the survey is expected to take only about 20 minutes. You may also access the survey right now, online. Please see the link provided below.

The poll will be conducted by Gravis Marketing, a non-partisan research firm, and a report on the results will be issued from The Kitchens Group, one of the oldest public opinion research firms in the country. If you are contacted, the caller ID or email address will show up as “Gravis Marketing.”

Land Trust Rules and Regulations call for the poll to be conducted periodically to determine public consensus regarding geographic areas and land types to prioritize for acquisition. The last poll was conducted in 2011. The sample was approximately 100 people, with a 95% confidence level.

If you are contacted, please help us by agreeing to take the poll. If you are not contacted, but would like to participate, you may do so by accessing the following online link:

The survey may only be accessed once, and will only be active during the poll, from now through Columbus Day, or until enough responses have been collected. Thank you for your cooperation! —Block Island Land Trust