A new book with a gentle theme

Thu, 11/07/2019 - 6:45pm

Add local business owner Karin Carlone to a growing list of island authors.

Carlone has written a charming children’s book, titled “Wee Biscuit’s Guide to Making Friends,” that is based on a real-life horse living at her sister’s farm in North Carolina.

“Wee Biscuit” is a mini-horse who suffers an injury and through the process of healing learns the true meaning of friendship.

This is Carlone’s first attempt at writing a book.

“I’m a former teacher and I have a masters degree in literacy and I always had it in the back of my head that I wanted to write a book,” she said.

Her sister Heidi Lord took the photos of Wee Biscuit on her farm in North Carolina as he was going through the healing process, and those photos were edited using an app to give them a more hand-drawn feel.

The book is written in a low-key tone that doesn’t hit the reader over the head with its gentle message.

“When I moved to my new home on a farm, I learned a very important lesson about friends. They can be different from you! I had so many new friends to meet. Some were smaller. Some were taller. Some were, well, different. If I just had friends who looked like me, I would not have the hundreds of friends I have today,” one passage that is central to the book’s theme reads.

Carlone is no stranger to horses or to the communicative and healing properties they possess.

She keeps two horses on a farm on the west side: Fabe, named after an old islander, Fabian Allen; and the other horse is named Finally “because it took so long for him to be born.” Both horses were born on the island.

“Horses are very intuitive animals. They can tell when someone is sick or not right. They have a way of communicating with people that is, obviously, not spoken but it’s something that seems to resonate with people,” she said. “They are very loyal.”

When asked what she hoped readers would take away from the book after they’ve read it, she said, “I hope that it will reinforce the need for animal rescues and all the selfless work that people do that goes into that type of work. I hope they will enjoy the story.”

Carlone said she has a second book in the works that will focus on the theme of animal rescues.

“Wee Biscuit’s Guide to Making Friends” will be available during the upcoming Holiday Stroll at Carlone’s shop, Bonnie and Clyde’s, located on Water Street. The stroll takes place beginning Friday, Nov. 29 to Sunday, Dec. 1.