Water supply interrupted, restored at airport

Third interruption since Memorial Day
Fri, 12/27/2019 - 1:15pm

Failed pump wiring was responsible for shutting down the water supply at the Block Island Airport over Christmas week, but service was restored on Thursday, Dec. 26, according to a spokesperson for the Rhode Island Airport Corporation. This was the third interruption of water service at the airport since the Memorial Day Weekend.

The most recent interruption, as it has before, shut down the public restrooms, as well as Bethany’s Airport Diner. The wire failed on Friday, Dec. 20. The water to the restrooms has been restored, but since the water supply is considered public, the Department of Health mandates that it be tested before it is turned back on at the diner, according to Bill Fischer, the spokesperson. Fischer said that he hoped to have the test results back as early as today, Friday, Dec. 27. He said that Bethany Campbell has been “a longstanding, valued tenant” and he wanted her restaurant to be up and running as soon as possible.

A failed pump interrupted service at the airport over the Memorial Day Weekend, and Fischer said that a new pump had been installed to address the issue. He also said there was an interruption to water service from October 26 to October 30 due to what he called “water quality issues.” The Department of Health requires the water at the airport to be periodically tested.

Fischer said that it has been recommended that a spare pump be stored at the airport for a quicker response, but he said that with the new pump and the new wiring the problem should be sufficiently addressed for the foreseeable future.

When told that the number of interruptions to water service had gotten the attention of some island residents, Fischer said, “It has our attention, too.”