Fri, 03/27/2020 - 2:00pm

The following message was issued by the Sewer District:


Be advised, for the safety and well being of our staff, that any mechanical obstruction in our sewer pumps on Block Island, which are most often caused by disposable wipes, require our staff, or a local contractor (if a private system), to expose themselves directly to wastewater, and potentially COVID-19, which has been identified in human waste.

So please, dispose of your cleaning/personal wipes accordingly: in the trash.

Do not flush them down the toilet. Even wipes that claim they are flushable will obstruct sewer pumps



The following message was issued by the Medical Center:

There is a nationwide shortage of COVID-19 tests and Block Island is no exception. Because of the shortage, the CDC and RIDOH directs that testing for COVID-19 be performed preferentially for patients who are very ill or who are considered high risk by a health care provider. In high risk or very ill patients testing will change the course of treatment. However, in mild or moderate cases testing will not change the course of treatment. Ideally by this time COVID-19 tests kits for widespread testing would have been made available by the federal government or by commercial labs. Although this was promised, it has not yet happened. As of this week, the Medical Center secured very few test kits to be selectively used for high risk individuals. We do not have enough tests to consider routine screening yet. 

We continue to follow CDC and RIDOH guidelines and to monitor the availability of testing and will keep the BI community informed.