Thu, 08/20/2020 - 8:00pm

Nominations sought for BIHS Board

In keeping with past practice, Block Island Health Services (BIHS) will hold an election in November for two members of the Board of Directors to be voted on by the voters and taxpayers of New Shoreham. The terms are for four years. In the midst of a pandemic and with contact limits in place by order of the governor, the board has devised modified procedures to conduct a contact-free election and still ensure that it be held in November (although it will be two weeks after the general election). 

Eligible candidates (New Shoreham voters or taxpayers of majority age) are invited to self-nominate by submitting an application to the BIHS Election Committee at: bihs-board@ bihealthservices.com with a brief biographical sketch and a statement of interest.

The BIHS Board’s Election Committee will ensure that the person qualifies as either a voter or taxpayer and that all the information is sufficiently complete to prepare the ballot. The deadline for applications to run for the board is Wednesday, Sept. 16. The slate will be announced in The Block Island Times and on BIBB with instructions to voters on how to request and return a mail-in ballot.

The mail-in ballot must be received by Tuesday, Nov. 17.