Island-wide broadband project: On time and on budget

Fri, 08/28/2020 - 10:00am

The Broadband Committee will be providing regular updates on the progress of the island-wide broadband deployment. Subscription sign up and other stages requiring customer action will be announced via the Block Island Bulletin Board, Block Island Times and other media outlets.

• Draft, review, and execute contract agreements. This step must be completed before any work on the network deployment can be undertaken.

• Refine and finalize project roles, expectations, schedules and tasks. This step is necessary to ensure that the project runs smoothly and with accountability.

• Initiate procurement for long lead-time materials, in particular the fiber itself. This will insure that these materials are available on schedule.

• Define processes and launch platform to gather subscriber information and leverage service location data. This information will aid in scheduling site visits for detailed planning of customer fiber drops.

Upcoming Phases: Design Engineering, Customer Drop Surveys.

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