New book examines women’s leadership in the church

Thu, 01/28/2021 - 6:15pm

Island resident Jim Rondinone has published a new book on women’s leadership in the church, titled “Who Says, Women Can’t Lead?”

The Block Island Times had an email interview with Rondinone about the book. The following interview was edited for clarity and length.

Q: In a few sentences, can you provide a brief summary of your new book?

Jim Rondinone: This book is about a biblical topic that is probably as controversial now as when Christ walked the earth. It has to do with whether a woman can be called by God to any leadership positions in the church. Could an argument be made that might support such by providing both circumstantial and direct Bible scriptural evidence?

Q: What is your connection and interest in leadership within the church?

JR: I attended a two-year Bible college in the early 1980s, having received certification in Christian Leadership summa cum laude. Before this, I worked on staff for an affiliate branch ministry as an outreach coordinator. Following graduation, I was hired by another branch ministry, where I received training to be a high school principal. Over the years, I have conducted Bible studies on the mainland as well as Block Island.

Q: What sparked you in writing a book that focuses on women leadership in the church?

JR: This subject is but one of many topics that I have wanted to write about since retiring from teaching high school mathematics at the Block Island school in 2011. Simply put, it was time.

Q: Does your book take a look at the leaderships of women across various religions?

JR: I use the “King James Bible” as the source for the many scriptural declarations that have been used to support the conjecture that only men are called to leadership positions in the church. I’m sure many faiths use this Bible and others similar to it. So, in that sense, this study would transcend to many religions. 

Q: When did you start drafting and putting together the book? How long did the process take to finish the book?

JR: I began writing the manuscript in January of 2020. It was published on December 13, 2020. The process took about one year.

Q: Is the book available to the general public, and if so, where can one pick up a copy? 

JR: The book, in paperback or e-book form, is available on https://

Q: Thank you for taking the time to share your new book with us. Do you have any final thoughts or comments you would like to share on behalf of the book?

JR: Having been brought up in a church that espoused the perspective that God calls only men to leadership positions in the church, this is what I knew. I didn’t even think there could be an alternative view. But there is. For those who have ever questioned the male hierarchical church order, then this book is for you.