New windows at library

Thu, 03/04/2021 - 6:15pm

The Island Free Library’s Board of Trustees was updated on building maintenance projects, chief amongst them the two phases of the window replacement work, at a meeting on Feb. 23. New windows for phase one, the upper level of the rear wall, have been installed. In phase two, the rest of the building’s windows will be replaced.

The windows are in,” Chair Lisa Nolan reported, quoting Library Director Kristin Baumann. Nolan added that she and Vice Chair Shirlyne Gobern “have gone by separately to see that they are in fact in, but the shingles aren’t all quite there.”

Baumann said the contractor for the project, Lucas Silva, has been working on finishing up the first phase. “He’s been here, the windows were put in and straightened. He was there today [Feb. 23] working on the trim, and no doubt he will continue shingling.”

“He’s going to have to go back for a project maybe in March or April but then that becomes a question of phase two [for the project]: do we want to start it in the summer? The fall?” asked Baumann.

“I have spoken to him too and he is getting some comparisons for the rest of the window prices from a few different companies,” said Gobern. “I have great confidence in the job he is doing. Hopefully we will have those prices for the windows and shingling at the next meeting.”

Nolan asked Gobern to arrange a meeting between Silva and the Library’s building committee to continue discussions on the project.

“I’m feeling like we shouldn’t delay any more than we need to,” said Nolan. 

Gobern updated the trustees on the status of repairs to the handrail at the rear entrance.

“I reached out to [Public Projects Director] Tim Ferland at The Steel Yard and we signed a contract. I don’t know when he is coming out, but he will be coming out to take care of the medallions. We asked about putting the big bollard back on the back of the handrail,” said Gobern.

“And also fixing that broken last section [of the railing]” added Nolan.

Baumann moved on to the Library’s elevator.

“I want to move ahead and schedule that repair,” said Baumann. “It’s my understanding from meetings prior that the town has the money and can pay for it.” In her call with The Times, Baumann said Thyssenkrupp Elevator Corporation is expected to complete the repair, and they have been speaking with Facilities Manager Sam Bird on the project.

“Sam Bird is trying to figure something out. I’m hopeful,” said Baumann.