Zoning Board approves one application, continues others

Fri, 05/07/2021 - 12:45pm

An agenda filled with continuances was on the plate of the Zoning Board of Review last week.
Members worked through and dispatched most items in quick fashion under the leadership of Board Chair Kate Butcher, and then spent considerable time on one proposed project that had been before the Board twice going back to last year.
An application by Carol Tuschick was reviewed for a variance for #445 Ocean Avenue, Plat 5, Lot 14. The application covered a Special Use Permit under 313 and 404 and for a Variance from Sections 113(B)(1), 113(C)(1) and 313(C) for construction of an addition and front porch to a multi-family dwelling. The work is considered “minor modifications” and no abutter had objected. The Board voted to schedule it for May 22, and sent it to the Planning Board and Conservation Commission for review.
An application from Overlook Realty appealing a previous zoning determination was withdrawn and accepted on a 4-0 vote.
The Board then quickly continued to May 26, hearings on Michelle Marino, Plat 8, Lot 42, fire #307 on Southeast Road covering an application for a Special Use Permit under Sections 306 (E), 314(C), 415(B)(1)(2)(3) and (5) and a Variance from Section 306(C) to provide maintenance access to proposed shoreline stabilization. As well, the Board issued a continuance on the John M. and Blakely Stinebaugh application at Fire #615, Plat 4, Lot 7, Corn Neck Road, for a Special Use Permit under Sections 306 (E), 401 and 406 to demolish an existing single-family dwelling and construct a single family dwelling and an accessory structure. At the time of the meeting, an advisory had not yet been received from the Planning Board on the matter.
The Board then spent the rest of the meeting on an application first submitted last summer by Joe Lipscomb at fire #894 off Cooneymus Road at Plat 14, Lot 30. The owner was represented by attorney Joe Priestley.
The discussion and presentation revolved around a proposed 737-foot one-story addition to the existing home which was constructed in the mid 1800s and likely was one of the first erected on the Southwest Point as a small farm house. Lipscomb was represented before the Board by architect Brigid Williams. Lipsomb indicated that the revised plans were updated based on suggestions and input received last summer and fall from the board. A great deal of time was spent discussing the site and location of the proposed addition, which Lipsomb noted was designed to retain the open vistas currently enjoyed by neighbors, and retain the character of the home, which sits on a knoll. Lipscomb testified: “the new addition would be consistent with the historical nature of the area.”
The addition will sit between the farmhouse and cottage creating a bigger “gathering space” yet honoring the concept of an historical agricultural compound. The farmhouse as it sits was universally described as tiny with no real first floor area to congregate and no ability to expand.
Board member Judith Cyronak raised concerns regarding potential expansion of use down the road an issue that has had to be addressed by the Zoning Board in the past with other properties on the island. The applicant offered to agree to restrictions including “not being able to add a kitchen, and restricted rental options.”
Following the presentation, the Board discussed the amended plan. Cyronak “admired Lipscomb’s consideration of his neighbors while retaining much of the feel of the property.” Four neighbors submitted letters in support of the revised application.

The Board closed the hearing and agreed to take the application under advisement, praising the architects, builders, and Lipscomb, for making a conscious effort to work with the Zoning Board and neighbors to eliminate objections that were raised last year.