What is a mother?

Mother’s Day 2021
Fri, 05/07/2021 - 2:45pm

Maia McQueeny: My mom is kind to me. She is pretty. She likes to wear black and white. She has pretty dresses. She is the best mother ever. I tell her that I love her every day! She loves me. She tells me that I’m the best daughter a mother could ever ask for. She likes it when I make the bed because she doesn’t really care for that. Mothers take care of their children by cooking healthy food like shrimp scampi and I love her chicken. I do know that she puts a bunch of food around it with olive oil. It’s so good … I had it last night. I like going for walks with her and we look for things in nature. On special occasions, she will buy us a special toy … I think at Stop and Shop. She is thoughtful and kind to us.

Cora Casey: Well, I love her and she loves me. I know she loves me because she cares about me. She takes good care of me by cooking dinner and making me good food that is healthy. I really love the way she cooks tortellini with soup inside it. I like to play with her. Sometimes we read together at night. We like to go for walks and look for rocks and stuff. For fun, she likes to go down to the magic tree and climb on a huge rock and then we jump off.

Jasper Santamaria: Mothers help you grow. They give you healthy food and take good care of you. My mother likes coffee … she has it every day in the morning. She has brown hair and it’s straight. I think she is lovely. I think she feels great about me because I am her child and I am really a wonderful child. We like to play games … like matching games. We like to take care of the chickens together.

Tess Helterline: She looks like a kind person. She has brown eyes, that kind of gray kind of brown. I like how she is good with stripes on the clothes she picks out. She is good to me. She surprised us with Disneyland and Harry Potter tickets. Mothers help their children. My mother loves us a lot. I know that because she gives us hugs. I tell her I love her a lot! I like to make bracelets with her and I like going to the playground after school. I think she is a terrific mother!

Abi Miculax: I know my mom trusts me to do the right thing. I learned how to do the right thing by following the directions. I like to play with my dollhouse with my mom. She has black hair and she is pretty. She makes good healthy food for me like cookies. Chip cookies. She watches me when I go outside to play with my cousins. She wants to keep me safe.

Merit Ernst: First, she works at the police office place and she works as an EMT. She helps people who need help. She has the same hair as I do … it’s kind of yellow. I think most of the time she has brown eyes. One thing that she cooks for me is burned broccoli. She gets it so crispy by leaving in a hotter than hot oven for about 12 hours. We like to take nature walks but one walk I’m afraid of are the cliff walks. Well, she’s a really good mother!

Luna Casady: She likes kelp. She likes to grow it, sell it, and eat it! She has a pink hat and a nice smile. She takes care of us by feeding us. She makes great popcorn. She likes to take walks with me. We like the cemetery walk, it’s kind of a special place for us. She is funny and she makes me laugh.

Joella Vaillancourt: So, my mom likes, like a family. One part of the family she loves is my dad, my sister, and me. So, me and my mom love going to the skate park and we love to play ball. So, my mom helps me reach stuff; she helps me with my bath; and she feeds me good food. When she cooks, I like pancakes, bacon, and burritos. So, she
has black hair and kind of grayish-greenish eyes. And that’s all I know about her!

Althea Butterfield: Mothers take care of their children by giving us a bath. I really like a nice bath with a lot of toys. At night, she makes sure I have a lot of blankets, because I like a lot of blankets. Mothers give us healthy food like mango, strawberries, and pasta with sprinkle cheese. She has brown hair, she has blue eyes, and I really like her smile. I think she is a kind person because she helps people sometimes.

Julia Lew: She is a good mom because she really “bees” really respectful to me and really nice. I like to go to the park with her and go ice-skating with her in Florida. I think my mom really loves me and takes really good care of me. She really reads me a story. She really likes to cook me healthy food like chicken and rice. She looks like a really good mom. Her smile and her hair look fantastic!