Three reasons to put solar panels on your roof

Fri, 05/28/2021 - 11:30am

First, it could save you money. Recently I was speaking with a homeowner who had photovoltaic (PV) panels installed on his roof last year. He expected to receive a $40 credit this month from the Block Island Power Company by providing that much more electricity than his house used. Factoring in his pre-PV installation monthly electricity cost, projected annually, he is looking at one thousand dollars in his wallet. His system’s total cost was $13,000 for a 3.5 KW system. With the federal tax credit of 26 percent, and the Solar Initiative subsidy of $1,200 per KW, net out of pocket costs to this homeowner would have been $5,420. So, in six years he will have paid off his investment and the rest will be gravy! Note: Dollar numbers are house- and weather-specific. Your situation will be different than this example. The Solar Initiative will be happy to give you a projection based on your situation.

Second, it could help save the planet. An international team of researchers using data provided by NASA has determined that the planet’s 220,000 mountain glaciers are losing 328 billion tons of ice per year, due to increased carbon in the earth’s atmosphere. That is a 31 percent increase since 2004. And the rate is rising. Though your roof panels will not by themselves reverse this trend, they will make a positive contribution and help to reinforce the national trend in this ecologically responsible direction.
Last, the third reason is so obvious that many overlook it: we live on an island. As glaciers melt, where does theater go? Duh, it goes into the ocean. As the ocean level rises from all this glacier melt, Block Island will first become two islands, one north of the town beach and another south of Bridge Gate Square. Old and New Harbor ferry docks will be underwater. Many perimeter properties will be awash. Life as we know it now, will be greatly, if not completely, disrupted. The ability to live here peaceably and also to sell property will be diminished. Okay, it won’t likely become “Water World” within my lifetime, but why not do what you can now to insure what we love about Block Island will stay well into the future.
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