At the Roundabout

Thu, 08/19/2021 - 5:00pm

There was always that night in August, that Friday night, when the growing darkness surrounding the arrival of the Friday Night Boat, could no longer be denied. Summer, which arrived when school closed and seemed to follow at a steady pace for almost two months,
was slipping away.
I lived here, as I have written before, there was none of that coming to or leaving Block Island involved in my emotions. Before I started working I did not see many people during the summer and looked forward to returning to school.
Still, that summer, which had stretched out so endlessly in June, was showing signs of weakness, of mortality, we were undeniably heading into autumn and tumbling down the tunnel of darkness, the ultimate cost of the glorious days of fall.
Now, I wonder how far, if at all since the noticeably earlier sunsets of last August. We are reading headlines of hospitals fearing the increase in the Delta variant of Covid-19. How far, if at all, we have come in decades, as once again we see horrific scenes broadcast from the other side of the world — and it seems time — Afghanistan.
But for now, bits and pieces of the summer.
June 17: Keep wondering what the heck is in the Newport Food Specialty truck.
June 17 – later: Some days traffic watch is priceless. A three-Subaru traffic jam, a Jeep zipping into an is-that-a parking-space space, bikes to the left of Rebecca, then when all Hope seems lost, a little rental car stops when it need only yield.
June 18: (Re: a Facebook memory) This was five years ago, like to think Howie (Rice, mentioned in original comment) still popping up would make him grin “Oh, girl, I’ll never be really gone.”
June 19: During a brief lull, lots of people around on this beautiful June day. Wedding guests mixed with beach goers and then oh drat a couple of bicyclists cutting Rebecca (taking left side).

Two different people have commented that on the mainland folks seem to have forgotten how to drive. Would explain a lot. Note: that observation was made many more times over the course of the summer.
June 20: (To my delight, this is, after all the Rebecca Rotary/Roundabout report) Overheard, one cyclist to another: “I love this little rotary.”

June 23: No, folks, it’s not the Manassas, this isn’t Virginia!! And don’t expect Civil War re-enactments.
June 23 – later: (Please remember these are all Facebook postings, most with photos.) Today’s traffic jam winner: A mayhem of mopeds and a lumber truck that couldn’t quite make it around the turn with one try.

June 26: At the Rebecca not quite rotary/roundabout/intersection, with only an inanimate object, Our Lady of Fountain Square, to guide them. And their devices.
Cyclist #1 “Are you sure it’s straight?”
Cyclist #2 “My GPS says so!”

June 27: Standing in the doorway waiting for some celebrity to pass by and oh my gosh, who walks by but local art royalty, Peter Gish and Marilyn Bogdanffy, just downtown on a Sunday afternoon “for fun.” If ever there was a life lesson that is one. (They stopped and posed at my request, Peter, the proper gentleman, removed his hat, Marilyn, the elegant lady, did not remove hers.)
June 30: A speeding dump truck rant, I will only quote: What the heck, but I should note not one of our local guys but someone who knows better at midday approaching the Fourth!

July 1: (Photo of flag on corner – remember all those wonderful flags the Power Company crew put up for the Fourth?) Happy July! It is not easy to get over to Rebecca from the Gallery. Beautiful day after a crazy sky and wind last night.
July 1 – later: Starting to sprinkle, we’ll see what tomorrow brings.
July 2: (With a photo of neatly parked cars below Nicholas Ball Park.) Looks all orderly and innocent but this little strip can quickly devolve into the “Hunger Games,” only takes one car moving out, but it all happens too quickly to capture.
July 3: Cool, beach-altering east wind. Just like last year on this date.
July 4: Happy Independence Day! AKA Happy Day the rest of the colonies finally joined Rhode Island May 4th Declaration of Independence.

July 5: The requisite [empty] Before the Parade photo of Front Street. Postscript: Best parade quote: Mom to son: “You might want to tie your shoe.”
Son: “I was too busy walking in the parade!”
July 5 – later: The return of the Turks Head Knots began today!
July 8: Just a comment that the weather report of strong NE wind and gray skies from 2016 needn’t be re-written.
July 9: And just like that, it’s summer again, despite the yellow caution flag at the beach house lots of cars at the beach, as if people had been waiting at the door, poised to dash once the sun came out.

July 10: Going unti1 12 noon, up beyond the trees, on the church lawn, Tony’s Tag Sale, all proceeds to benefit Harbor Church. Come on over, lots of stuff left!! (And many thanks to those who came and supported the effort.)
July 12: A touch of green and gold (a short-lived flowering weed in a crack of the sidewalk).
July 14: Requisite note of Bastille Day.
July 15: Oh, great, I need city driving skills to get out of this space! Yahoo, two reverses and forwards, that was easier than expected.
July 16: Hot, sticky, icky day. Still, most people are nice, a repeat visitor from Michigan who likes to take home a photo of Block Island most years, one I remember so easily perhaps because he keeps his boat in the town where my brother lives, another it takes me longer to remember, and a lady who says “what a great perspective, you must see a lot.”

I didn’t say, “Ah, but what I hear!!”