Elizabeth Beisel swim to Block Island rescheduled to Saturday, Sept. 25

Thu, 09/23/2021 - 2:00pm

Three-time Olympian, silver medalist and 2016 Team USA Captain, Elizabeth Beisel is poised to make history when she swims from Matunuck Beach, Rhode Island, to Block Island in her Block Island Swim. When completed, she will be the first woman to swim the route successfully. The swim is scheduled to take place on Saturday, Sept. 25.
The swim will start near the Ocean Mist Restaurant at 7 a.m. with an intended finish point near the end of Corn Neck Road around noon. No outside boats except for Beisel’s support team are allowed near her during the swim or at her landing.
There will be a celebration following the swim at Ballard’s Inn. Olympians joining the victory celebration will be Craig Beardsley (1980) and Katie Hoff (2004, 2008).
Elizabeth is making this daunting 10.4-mile open water swim in memory of her father Ted Beisel, who was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in December 2020. Ted passed away on July 1, 2021. The news of his diagnosis prompted Elizabeth to take action - the best way she knows how - by swimming.
“I quickly realized what my family was going through was, sadly, all too common, and that the most impactful way I could raise funds for cancer research and clinical trials would be through my swimming platform,” noted Beisel. “I’m hoping the funds raised by Block Cancer will help support families who have been affected by this horrible disease and get us one step closer to finding a cure.”
Rob Butcher, CEO of Swim Across America, said he is honored to work alongside Elizabeth to raise critical funds to fight cancer through her swim to Block Island. “So many in the Swim Across America community have come to love Elizabeth because of how generous she is with her time and encouragement,” commented Butcher. “This is our opportunity to show her our love and encouragement as she
takes on the Block Island swim to honor her loved one’s fight against cancer.”
Butcher will be in one of the two boats accompanying Elizabeth, along with EMTs, two shark experts, Elizabeth’s coach, and marathon swimmer Elaine Howley, who successfully swam across the English Channel. Elizabeth chose this swim to Block Island as she grew up in Rhode Island and swimming to Block Island was always something she dreamed of doing as a child.

“I have always envisioned my dad being at Block Island waiting for me to finish with an ear-to-ear grin on his face,” said Elizabeth. “I replay that scene over and over of how as soon as I reached land, I would run into his arms and give him a hug and he would whisper proudly, ‘You did it, Elizabeth.’ Sadly, he’ll never get to see me swim to Block Island and I’ll never get to hug him again, but his fight wasn’t for nothing. I know that my dad’s battle along with the money raised by Block Cancer will save someone’s life one day. He is smiling knowing he gifted someone and their family the most precious gift of all time.”

According to the American Cancer Society, one-in-two men and one-in-three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Beisel said this staggering statistic, coupled with dozens of hours of research, led her to do her part in making a difference. Her goal is to raise $100,000 to go toward crucial cancer research.
To support, donate and/or shop custom Block Cancer gear, visit blockcancer.org.