Christmas on Block Island

Sat, 12/18/2021 - 7:15am

Block island summer brings a hum
Of crowded boats, when people
But winter holds its own appeal
For quiet days and home cooked
The season brings a snowy owl
The deer hide from the hunters’
The boats are lifted onto blocks
The mopeds moved inside their
Thanksgiving offers time to stroll
For gifts for loved ones, young
and old
The wind blows hard and boats
get canceled
“Shore Days” are then
But Christmas will not be denied
The lobster traps are piled high
The lights are lit in full display
So Santa will not lose his way

The island spirit grows and grows
As people think of all of those
Whose winter months bring barer
So all together they work as elves.
Mary D. helps pay the bills
Paige helps all the tummies fill
Kids at school raise funds for needy
Toy drives prove that they’re not
A favor, errand or anything,
Help goes out to all who post
A package left ashore? No joke!
It will surely be on the next boat!
Christmas on Block Island means
So much more than can be seen
The beach may hold great
crowds in summer
But Strength should not be
measured in numbers.