Series 1 Episode 2
Fri, 07/15/2022 - 4:00pm

To the Editor,
This letter is a continuation of a letter written previously entitled Series 1 Episode 1. We now enter S1 E2 due to a plethora of island information that you might not find anywhere else. There was a time ago when there would be a police blotter in the paper but it disappeared years back. This very morning on the early 6 a.m. TV news, “sexual assault under investigation on Block Island.” None of us wanted to see that, especially on prime island summer time, and not a good way to start the day.
Let me be clear again, Block Island is without question one of the most precious of family vacation spots. After the TV news I sat at Aldo’s Bakery watching family after family, babies, children and adults smiling in the morning sun. They had their warm out-of-the-oven jelly donuts, sprinkled, fresh orange juice, a ride on the carousel (dreaded by the Historical Commission). They walked down Weldon’s Way (a detriment to the town because of mopeds), and petted two cows in town at the end of the street. They would then go to the beach for the day, maybe stop at the Oar for lunch, or tacos on the deck at the Kittens. Possibly bring home some famous New York style bagels from the Bagel
Shop. Some might go clamming where a child never dug a clam before or visit the Maritime aquarium so to speak. I could go on but that would be E3.
Some matters need to be made clear. I don’t think any of us want a Martha’s Vineyard with its now almost mainland Cape Cod appearance. Nor do we want a gated-mansion island town like Fisher’s Island. We have a happy medium here on Block Island and want it to stay that way. Our form of government, First Warden, Town Council, Town Manager, Commissions and Chief of Police should insure that to be our future. They have for the most part failed. Try speaking at a Council Meeting at the “Public Input” time frame before meetings. I’ve done it for years and on deaf ears. They banned the Pledge of Allegiance before meetings because it was offensive to some. Just a few days ago and in the dust of the Fourth confusion, a councilman was with a pro-abortion protest group at Bridgegate Square. Whether supporting them or not did we need that now?
Within the last few years, it’s been a tag-team match and passing of the baton with a rotary of different doctors, police chiefs, town managers, and councilmen. They have had mopeds, mopeds, mopeds on their brain while nightly mayhem is taking place before their eyes. Not unusual to find a broken telephone pole, pieces of a car scattered over the culvert and stone wall only to be cleaned and silenced in an hour. A so-called islander overdosed in front of our farm while driving a large pickup in broad daylight, lying in the
dust and dirt unresponsive. He survived thanks to our EMS and Fire Department, for which I could never say anything but thank you, thank you, thank you, they are the best.
If we pull together for the better glory of Block Island and insure a well-funded and manpowered police department, if we provide security at our town docks and on the streets, maintain a friendly association with our businesses and our citizens, then we will be the Last Great Place on this earth.
John Willis
Beacon Hollow Farm