Disaster averted
Fri, 07/15/2022 - 4:15pm

To the Editor,
One week ago, we had an experience that points out the basic fact that you should ensure that your smoke detectors are in working condition. During the early morning the smoke detector in our rental cottage went off, thus alerting our tenants that something was happening. The problem was a light switch next to the front door. For some unknown reason, it started “burning.” Fortunately, this action closed the circuit so that there was no more electrical power to continue the initial “burning” and no flammable area was affected. Thus, no working fire. Normally, with such a situation the first action could – should be – to call the Fire Department but the decision was made that with no fire, what could they do?
As soon as I was notified by the tenants that this action had taken place, I went to contact our trusty electrician – Tyler Electric. I figured that by contacting Tammy directly she would know the details better than on the telephone. Upon finding her, she and her coworkers went directly to the cottage. After assessing the situation, they proceeded to remove the damaged switch and replaced it with a new one. Outside of some scorched area around the switch all turned out as well as could be expected.
Lesson learned! By all means this situation could happen any place in a home, perhaps somewhere in your abode. Our cottage is all of 60 years old and there has never been any prior electric or fire emergency.
Time to check your smoke detector now?
Frederick H. Nelson
Beach Avenu