LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: From the left coast

Sat, 07/23/2022 - 2:00pm

To the Editor,
I am so very proud of the women who organized and marched in the peaceful reproductive rights demonstration on July 7, and bravo to the crowd at the National who cheered them on! Here in Seattle, my husband Arlen and I marched in the reproductive rights for women parade in protest of the Supreme Court’s abolishment of Roe v. Wade. Our route took us through the busiest sections of downtown Seattle, and we were cheered all the way by pedestrians on the sidewalks and drivers whose way we were blocking. We chanted, we carried banners and signs, and were buoyed by the support we received. It is heartening to experience and see, here and on Block Island, peaceful activism and
widespread support for a woman’s right to choose.
Fran Migliaccio