Glow sticks?

Sat, 08/06/2022 - 1:30pm

This letter was sent to the Town Council and copied to The Block Island Times:

The Committee for The Great Salt Pond has worked tirelessly for decades to help protect what we all know and love as "The Pond." Champlin's Resort is now advertising a "Glow Party” event for this coming weekend, "...featuring groovy music, glow sticks, and of course, plenty of world-famous mudslides."
Glow sticks? Really? Why in the world would Champlin's think this is a good idea to hand out hundreds of glow sticks right on the Great Salt Pond? Have they lost all respect for this island? Glow sticks contain chemicals, chemicals that should be handled and treated with respect. Some will most likely end up at the bottom of the pond. Especially after a few mudslides, you can guarantee this would happen. And then how do they dispose of these after the party is long gone? This is a product that can certainly harm the ecosystem. Some glow products use a chemical called dibutyl phthalate. And some glow products contain a small glass vial inside the plastic tube that contains a mixture of hydrogen peroxide in phthalic ester. Outside of the glass vial is another chemical called phenyl oxalate ester. When the tube is cracked, the glass inside is broken and the chemicals all mix together in a reaction that causes the glow. Imagine
hundreds of these falling into the bottom of The Great Salt Pond, and what an ecological disaster that could be for years to come.
After all the issues this town is facing regarding drinking and irresponsible behavior, this event is just adding to the problem, and should be addressed.

Thank you,
Andrea Moynier
Spring Street