LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Call for action

Sat, 08/13/2022 - 11:45am

The following was sent to the Town Council and copied to The Block Island Times:

To the Editor,
Town Council, please do what is best and safest for this community as a whole. It is time for the Council members to serve this community, to immediately enact some regulations and guidelines for all concerts and events held at Ballard’s Beach Resort. Present conditions at Ballard’s have shown without a doubt that Ballard’s is an unsafe and dangerous establishment. We know that the ferries are impacted greatly by these events, and this becomes a burden to our town. Why should other island businesses have to take a hit due to the bad publicity these events have now generated, right during the height of our summer season? This is not right. I suggest imposing and enforcing a real limit on the number of patrons allowed on the Ballard’s property, both inside and on the entire beach area. All future events should be ticketed in advance, with a maximum capacity that is way lower than presently allowed, one that is actually safe and regulated.
Thank you for your efforts,
Andrea Moynier
Spring Street