Sat, 08/13/2022 - 12:15pm

To the Editor,
A woman ahead of her time, Ruth Mahoney was a leader in her community and in the lives of all she touched on Block Island, R.I. A small community consisting of yearround families and those who come into the downtown area were all welcomed into Mahoney Clothiers.
Ruth was an expert buyer and purveyor and the clientele she saw come through her shop on Water Street were as many as they were diverse. Visitors to the island will remember Ruth as a warm storyteller as she loved living on and within the community she served and that came to understand her deep love of Block Island. Her eclectic shop is located right on the main street and offers quality purchases with an island logo flair. Tailored belts, shirts, customized hats and raincoats for your children. A true local. She knew the lay of the land and she was proud to represent the business district of Water Street and as such lead with grace and style.
Truth be told, I considered Ruth a friend of mine. We knew one another by name and always greeted one another with a warm hug and would sit and chat about travel, food, and of course clothing. As a small community that comes together to honor their own, all on the “block” understands that in fact, a great tree has fallen, and we have all heard it’s calling.
Legacy is a powerful and impactful movement that intrigues me as a writer. We should all know how we are working towards, or then not towards, our own. Ruth Mahoney was living her legacy by doing what she loved the most.
She told me just recently as I arrived on the island to write this summer some advice that I will carry with me forever. We were sitting in her green wood carved chairs placed in the entrance of her storefront and Ruth says, “Lisa, if you do what you love, it never feels like work.” Wise words from my forever friend, Ruth Mahoney.

I will think of you best always,
Lisa Ray
Boca Raton and Block Island