Defining the island

Fri, 08/19/2022 - 4:15pm

To the Editor,
I agree with the letter Michael Rock wrote in last week’s newspaper [August 12, 2022]. I also wrote a letter last summer about the same topic.
The island must define itself for what it wants to be, if not, as we have seen, it will be defined for us by others.
The definition must include number of people, mopeds and cars allowed on the island, noise control, drinking rules, hours of openings of bars, as well as our very positive assets such as nature conservancy, beaches, nature trails, our own businesses (that do not sell “Made in China” souvenirs), art facilities, sustainable issues, just to name a few of our assets.
We must let the world know who we are and what we stand for. Each year, this definition becomes more important as more people come to the island.
Someone recently said we are known as the “party island.” Is this what we want to leave to our children and grandchildren?
We cannot wait, let’s do it now!
Jan Wampler
Sands Pond Road