Something good

Sat, 08/27/2022 - 2:30pm

To the Editor,
With all the negative press as of late, I feel a need to write something positive. Last evening my wife and I attended the “Summer Symphony at the Sullivan” classical music concert. The Block Island Chamber of Commerce organized this event that was well received and was hugely successful. The music was provided by the Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra.
What an asset your local Block Island Chamber is to the Block Island business community. Talk about a positive event supported by local businesses. I for one, as a visitor, will support and thank all the ones that made this concert possible. Sadly, a successful event like this gets little notice in the media. I for one will be talking to anyone who will listen about this concert that I hope will continue to be an annual event.
I’ve been coming to Block Island since 1970. This is the Block Island I know and love. Thank you to the hard-working staff at the Block Island Chamber of Commerce for their efforts! The children of the Block Island School benefit, businesses benefit but most of all the community benefits.
Bob and Mary Reed
Norwich, Conn.